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Coach Ron LeFebvre
Coach Jared Donahoe
7-Yr. Certified LeFebvre Instructor
Coach McKenna Walton
2-Yr. Certified LeFebvre Instructor

Take Your Game to the Next Level

Ron LeFebvre Schools of Baseball & Softball Offer Complete Training for

Ages 7 to Adult Professionals


Not all players should throw or hit the same way. We work with your own style and offer corrective solutions to stay injury free.


For over 52 years, Ron LeFebvre teachings have turned pitchers into winners and hitters into champions. His clinic teaching team features Jared Donahoe, a veteran with LeFebvre's school and a tried and true batting specialist, as well as McKenna Walton a softball development specialist. Jared and McKenna have been with Ron's School since starting their own lessons as young children.  They have each had two years of training to become a qualified instructor to follow Ron's philosophy of training to the growth of the young body.  


LeFebvre has established guidelines to find the natural motion of a growing body in order to prevent injuries and to gain the next step in athletic maturity. These steps are for the beginner to the most advanced, at any age or development.


LeFebvre's school is known throughout the world for its International clinics before orthopedic physicians, coaches and players, and for coaching teams who have played in Russia, Spain, Holland, Belgum and Italy. He has sent athletes to over 130 universities on scholarships or grants. The Ron LeFebvre School of Baseball & Softball is an indoor facility conveniently located in the heart of South Orange County, inside the 13,000 square foot facility of ProSport Physical Therapy & Performance. The school boasts two indoor hitting bays, complete with real brick-dust pitching mounds, pitching machines and multiple cameras to capture every angle of every pitch and hit.


LeFebvre is the most successful teaching coach in baseball and softball in the world. His students have won every division of every national championship in baseball and softball, not once, but twice. This includes Little League to Professional Baseballs World Series and from ASA National Champions to College World Series of Softball.


As a Kinesiologist, Ron LeFebvre and his team make sure that no student has ever had an injury that prevented him or her from continuing their career. In fact, doctors send him other instructors students that have been injured to prevent the injury from returning.


The LeFebvre clinics and private instruction are designed to train the natural motion of each individual and take them to the next level without injury. "We never push an athlete's body past the physical development or the mechanical ability, until the athlete has established the muscle and mental preparation," said LeFebvre. This is how we train champion athletes without injury.


Lessons Only | No Public Batting Cages

Phone number: 949.851.2343

By Appointment

25742 Commercentre

Lake Forest, CA  92630

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