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Proper Mechanics to Correct Underperformance


The National Association of Sports Medicine and the National Orthopedic Physician's Society both credit coach and doctor of Kinesiology, Ron LeFebvre with the advancement in proper skills training for the emerging baseball and softball athlete.


Findings through LeFebvre's studies showed that no two athletes have the same movement to do the same task, therefore, teaching an injurious motion to an athlete is totally irresponsible. Conclusively, he established a plan for athletes, parents and coaches to recognize good mechanics from poor mechanics. With that in mind, he has developed on-site "Athlete/Parent Participational Clinics".


Clinics are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced players (all based on ability):

  • Interactive player/parent or player/coach hands-on approach to correct poor mechanics and prevent injury

  • Ratio 1 professional to every 2 athletes

  • Training to the motion of the athlete

  • Proper warm-up technique

  • Strength and Speed analysis

  • Videotape analysis

  • Held inside and outside


Both parent and athlete will leave the clinic series with advanced knowledge of areas to correct underperformance.


Numbers for clinics are limited, please contact us for the details and site locations. Please call 949.851.2343

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