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Proper Pitching Mechanics and the Growing Body

Recently I noticed that the questions asked during speaking engagements were questions pertaining to injuries, not mechanics. It seemed that the injuries were minor, but of great concern to the worried parents.

I have found, based on the amount of major injuries I have worked to correct, that bad mechanics has caused the disabilities. Injuries requiring "Tommy John" surgery to baseball pitchers or a stress fracture in the hip of a softball pitcher. I have two like this at present, sent to me by doctors.

We find a large number of injuries are caused from poor mechanics based on training in a "one style fits all" method. Each child must be trained to their own individual body that changes over time, often rapidly. I have trained students from eight years old to their baseball or softball retirement. In fact, I have trained many players continuously from the early years to the baseball and college world series. I feel if I had not changed their motions and mechanics as they progressed to prevent injury, I would have failed as a coach.

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